Credit cards make it easy to handle emergency expenses. When used frequently while shopping for leisure or getting other utilities, they fetch attractive rewards too. So, when it comes to choosing a good credit card, lower fees and better rewards are among the most sought-after features. In case you’ve been planning on getting a new one, here is a list of the best credit cards of 2021. Best credit cards of 2021
  • Citi Double Cash Card There are some users who need a credit card merely to build their credit, and they may have no hefty bills to worry about. In such cases, cards like this one with no annual fee come as a cost-effective option. This card also excels when it comes to the cashback offered on transactions.
  • Chase Sapphire Reserve A welcome bonus gives you an initial stash of funds to make purchases without having to worry about bills the next month. This card offers one of the best welcome bonus options, making it a great choice for new credit card users to learn how to manage their funds before they use the card to make bigger purchases. Reward points get added during transactions and they can also be redeemed with a variety of offers. This card is particularly rewarding for travel-related expenses.
  • Discover It Secured Credit Card For anyone who is looking to build their credit after a bad track record or even for a user who is looking to start building their credit from scratch in order to improve their credit score for future loans, this card is a suitable option. Though there are only limited rewards, you can continue to enjoy cashback offers and the benefit of zero annual fees. This makes it a simpler card when it comes to finance management for beginners.
  • American Express Gold Card For avid travelers, this is one of the most rewarding cards out there. From restaurant bills to flight tickets, a variety of travel-related expenses fetch you better rewards than most other cards. It even brings a reliable baggage insurance cover for travel bookings. Though the annual fee is slightly expensive, the card’s great rewards program makes it one of the best credit cards of 2021.
With the top credit cards of 2021, efficiently handling your personal expenses can become so much simpler and rewarding. Keep in mind to choose one based on the kind of transactions that you conduct with a credit card and the kind of rewards you would like to enjoy.