Digital inspection mirrors are flat-convex mirrors used to control the accessible parts of the vehicle without bending. Digital inspection mirrors are attached to the pole to give an extra extension to the user. These mirrors can check over and under the vehicle or any object, depending on your needs. Here are some features of the inspection mirrors.  It helps you detect the difficult areas By using inspection mirrors, you have access to check the dangerous and difficult areas. It can do a quick inspection at the bottom and the inaccessible regions of the vehicles and other objects. Using a digital inspection mirror is a new way to identify any problem during the inspection.                          Doesn’t require skilled labor Using an inspection mirror isn’t any rocket science. You don’t need the skill to operate this gadget. Mechanics and other people use the inspection mirror to see through the areas and engine parts of the vehicle with an obstructed view.                                                                                     It assesses damages Inspection mirrors and, more notably, digital inspection mirrors can assess the damage more accurately.  Clears vision Using inspection mirrors and digital inspection mirrors help in providing a wide-angle view and clear vision up to 160 degrees.                                                                                                                 Provides lighting A lighted inspection mirror comes in handy in providing light and view to dark areas and has an obstructed view. These kinds of inspection mirrors run on small batteries and provide enormous strength and illuminate the areas in noticeable range. Inspection mirrors without the light make it difficult to view the areas with an obstructed view.                                                                        Come in appropriate mirror shape and size Telescopic inspection mirrors come in a variety of sizes and shapes. The theory that claims “the bigger the better” is not applicable here. If you view a small, compact, and tight space, it is better to use a small, round-shaped mirror as the shortage from the corners will help navigate more efficiently and vice-versa.    Those mentioned above are some features of an inspection mirror. Digital inspection mirrors are the latest in this field of technology. They are smart-phone enabled inspection mirrors that help in assessing the damages more accurately. Under the vehicle inspection is a must. Inspecting a vehicle from the outside with an open eye is easy, but these instruments come in handy when inspecting the vehicle from the areas with an obstructed view. These mirrors help reflect the image of the objects to the user around the obstacles that come in the way.