With advancements in technology and business strategies, the life of customers has been made easier by providing car loans online. Shopping for car loans online is a great benefit for customers as it allows them to look and browse through a variety of loans before picking out the right one. Customers can compare various loans with each other and then make an informed choice. Benefits of online car loans: Easy: It is straightforward to find all the information about different car loans online. It is also beneficial because the online applications for the loans can be submitted without any hassle and at one’s own pace. There is also no necessity to provide long hand written requests and wait for replies through the post. All communication can be done over email or the phone. Convenient: Online loans are easier than actually going to a lender because they can be done at one’s own pace and comfort. Variety: Using the online medium to acquire loans opens up a variety of loans available. One can easily compare advantages and disadvantages of loans provided by various companies. Disadvantages of online auto loans: Unfamiliarity: Usually getting an online loan may seem like an unfamiliar situation. It is always best to overcome this problem by finding out whether your bank provides loans online. If unfortunately, your bank does not provide loans online, you will have to deal with the unfamiliarity of the situation. Fees: Usually high fees are charged as internet handling fees. The majority of the customers are unaware of such charges, and it is necessary to learn about such fees before acquiring the loan. Interaction: Many customers prefer to have a face-to-face interaction with the bank or company official to make sure that they aren’t walking into a fraud. This is not possible in case of online loans as all procedures and transactions happen over the internet. This does not work well for first-time customers as it creates the problem of trust issues.