Even if you do not have a dedicated gaming console at your home, a PC can be a great place to enjoy gaming for your children. Gaming is bliss and every child should enjoy it. Here are the best PC games that your children would definitely love playing. Goal or no goal! Give your little footballer the perfect game to spice up his/her interest in the world's most popular sports. One of the best online kids games, free version available on the Internet, Goal or No Goal starts with the creation of a virtual football avatar. The massively multiplayer online soccer game rewards players with Star Points for playing and winning matches against global opponents and uses them to customize their character. Itzabitza The learning game, Itzabitza allows young kids to practice word recognition and reading comprehension, in addition to providing space to show their creative side. Divided into various animated scenes, the game prompts young ones to draw objects. The animated game characters interact with the created objects and allow the children to put their vocabulary to a test. Littlest Pet Shop Allowing your little ones to have their own virtual pet shop, Littlest Pet Shop features 32 most popular pets from the Littlest Pet Shop toy line. In addition to pet keeping, the game provides young gamers with three environments to explore and 16 puzzles to complete. Completing these quests allows players to gain new pets, playsets, and accessories. The Hidden Theft Searching clues and selecting dialogues is what The Hidden Theft offers to young players. The game features voice acting from stars like Code Linley and Jesse McCartney. In the game, Frank and Joe Hardy are assigned with the task to solve the theft at Spencer Manor with some help from their friend Nancy Drew. Based on the clues and dialogues selected, there are several different endings possible, adding a lot of replay value to the game. The Princess Bride Game Featuring the original voiceover from the eponymous movie The Princess Bride, the gaming version lets your kids relive the magic of the fictional kingdom of Florin. The game is divided into several scenarios requiring young players to help Princess Buttercup and Westley complete the chores successfully on the farm. The Princess Bride Game allows gamers to create a different kind of remedies to cope up with the damage caused to the central characters while defeating the evil prince and his minions. World of Zoo Let your small ones create their own version of zoo with World of the Zoo, one of the most popular kids games. The game is a zoo simulator that lets kids take care of various animated animals inhabiting the zoo. World of Zoo's animal editor allows kids to customize animals, ranging from colors to body part sizes and fur patterns. Very few kids game, free online versions of which are available on the Internet, have the capability to let young ones enjoy and learn at the same time. Games like Itzabitza and World of Zoo give children the dose of learning in addition to entertaining them.