It is very important to take utmost care of your teeth to avoid any dental problems like loss of teeth, tooth decay and cavities. Many people suffering from teeth loss feel very embarrassed and uncomfortable to go out in the crowd. In official meetings, they even experience a loss of self-confidence. In today's world, one must not worry about these problems as they can get back their beautiful smile and teeth by carrying out dental implants. These high cost dental implants are opted by many people every year, especially to maintain the structure of their jawbone. Dental implants “ Benefits and costs The dental implants conducted these days are considered as a best substitute for natural teeth, especially because they are not noticeable. The benefit of high cost dental implants is that they help to totally prevent any degradation of the jawbone and are not harmful even to your existing teeth. Dental implants are diet-friendly teeth that look similar to natural teeth and offer the best solution for your missing teeth. These implants are non-removable and are fixed appropriately into the jawbone. The cost of dental implants depends on the number of implants done. For a single implant, the cost is $1700 in addition to the implant crown. The cost of implants with abutment and ceramic crown is $1005. The average cost for doing these implants in the country is about $5000. Why dental implants must be opted for? A dental implant is necessary if you want to enjoy a natural looking smile and feel fit. You can have teeth that function like natural teeth and for that, it is necessary to get the dental implants from an experienced dentist. You can get new teeth in a matter of a day. Problems that occur due to loss of teeth like difficulty in eating, speaking and smiling can be rectified by getting dental implants and you can enjoy a great smile and health again. The best part is that you can brush your teeth normally and eat virtually anything. Tooth implants Tooth implants are carried out by qualified dental specialists with the use of the latest equipment. The cost of tooth implant depends on the type of implant done. Subperiosteal implants are best suitable for people with bone tissues that are not acceptable. The implants done are custom-designed and according to the needs and requirement of the person. In subperiosteal implants, metal frames are made use of and fitted over the existing part of the bone. Do insurance companies cover cost of dental implants? Dental implants cost a lot; however this cost is covered by some insurance companies. The allowance provided by the insurance companies for dental implant is equivalent to the cost of a traditional denture. Dental implant is a highly sophisticated option and lasts for a longer time. It has gained superb success record as the material which the implants are made of has the ability to bond very well with the jawbone.