There is nothing more exciting than buying new living room furniture. However, before making any purchase, there are several things that need to be taken into consideration. To start with, you must have an idea of the kind of furniture you want. You need to keep in mind that whatever you buy must fit in the space you have in your living room. Whether you are looking for a particular style or happy to mix and match different varieties of new living room furniture as per availability is also an important aspect to consider. Your budget is another factor while buying living room furniture. Whether you want to buy expensive or inexpensive pieces is something you need to decide at the beginning itself. There are people who buy a combination of both costly and economical furniture. Types of living room furniture A sofa is the biggest piece of furniture that people put in their living room. If you have a big living room, you can opt for a sectional. However, if your drawing room is smaller in size, as they are in apartments or condominium then you only have room for a futon or loveseat. Sofa Sofas can accommodate two to four people as per its size. Sofas can range between 30 inches and 110 inches wide in size. The standard size of the sofa is between 50 and 80 inches wide. This piece of furniture is found to be upholstered in materials like faux leather, leather, microfiber, and linen mostly. You can buy a sofa sleeper as well if you have guests for sleepovers or just need an extra sleeping option. Sectional Sectionals are best for big living rooms. They can accommodate four, six or even more people. There are some that double as recliners as well on one or both ends. While most recliners are found to be of “L” shape, there are some with rounded backs that look like having a “C” shape. Sectionals come in different coverings like leather, linen, faux leather, microfiber or bonded leather. A sectional is at least 60 inches wide and can be more than 100 inches wide. Futon A futon is a smaller version of the sleeper sofa. They can serve as a bed or loveseat depending on your requirements. A futon can have a single or double twin-size mattress that gets into the bottom and back of if when rearranged. Loveseat If you have an extra big living room then you can have both sofa and loveseat in it. However, for the smaller living room, one can choose a loveseat as the primary piece of furniture. These use the same materials as that of sofas. A total of two average-size or three smaller people can sit on a loveseat. They are between 30 and 89 inches wide and are available in an array of colors. Accent chairs and recliners In addition to a sofa or loveseat, you may have a chair or two in the room. These can either be accent chairs or recliners. i. Accent Chair: Accent chairs are available in an array of styles, including armless and armchairs. They can be mid-century, modern and contemporary as far as style goes. Chairs, including recliners, are categorized depending on their seating area. Living room chairs can be as small as 15 inches or less or as big as 36 inches or more. ii. Recliners: These are deep, plush chairs with backs that recline and footrest that extend out. You can almost lay flat in a recliner. Some recliners come with massaging and heating options. There are others that have power lift technology, which help people who have difficulty in sitting down or getting up. Accent Tables Once you have set the furniture to sit on, you need to add a table or two as well. You can choose from coffee tables, end tables, and console tables as per the available space and your personal choice. Other living room furniture Once you have set up the main pieces in the living room, you can add more new furniture if you have an empty space. There is furniture like TV stands, bookcases, and ottomans to choose from.