The modern world can be a bit too demanding, and nothing can comfort you more than soft furry creatures that eagerly await your return from work. Cats are known to be the quintessential independent pets who refuse to depend on you. They are fuss-free, and you won't have to come home to scoop away the mess they created in your absence. Yes, they can definitely rip your new shoes into shreds but rarely do they soil your beloved living room. The litter box is a blessing in disguise for cat owners, and if you are new cat-parent, here's how you can choose the right cat litter for your cat's litter box.
  • Clumping- Cat litter is supposed to absorb whatever business your cat does in the litter box. After absorbing the cat's urine, the cat litter is supposed to clump. Clumping clay is a viable option for your cat's litter box. If the cat urinates or poops in the litter box, this cat litter will clump, and it makes it easier for cleaning the litter box. So choosing a cat litter that clumps after the usual cat business is executed.
  • Odor control- Certain cat litter materials cannot control the odor of the cat's urine. Even after clumping, if the cat litter fails to control the urine, it's not the right one for your cat. Since your cat will be using the litter box quite often, a cat litter that cannot control the odor fails its purpose. Cat litter like pine is quite effective in controlling odor.
  • Granule size- One needs to be quite careful while choosing cat litter on the basis of the granule size of the cat litter. Cats usually prefer softer granules since they tend to cover their waste with the litter. Whereas, even coarser granules come in handy since the cats won't breathe it in. For kittens, it is advisable to opt for coarser granules, and one can shift to the softer ones as they grow.
  • Low dust- Cat litter can produce of a lot of dust, and this can prove harmful to cats and humans alike. Usually, clumping clays are the source of dust, and it's expected that the cats will unknowingly spread the cat litter across the house. So, opt for modern cat litters which such as crystal cat litters that are instrumental in reducing dust.
  • The price- Clumping clay is quite popular owing to its clumping and odor-control properties, and they are quite cheap. The crystal ones are a little expensive, but they are quite effective and dust-free. So, if you opt for a cheaper one, you will have to change it frequently, whereas, the expensive ones can last longer, and have to be changed twice a month.