The urban chaos and a sedentary lifestyle spent in front of a desk, often staring at a computer screen can lead to a number of health problems for us. The lack of fitness and stamina is one such issue that we all experience from time to time. Starting from weight gain in an indiscriminate manner, to a slowdown of the metabolism; or starting from shortness of breath if we have to take a single flight of stairs to general fatigue at the end of each - there are a number of challenges that show us how unfit we are. Mechanization of most activities which happens at a touch of a button and the lack of time to actually get some exercise have given rise to many problems starting from lack of fitness to lifestyle diseases that hit us as early as our 20s and 30s. In order to stay fit, one must keep moving, among various other measures. Whether you walk with your Michael Jordan shoes or take them to the gym, there are a number of things you can do in order to keep moving and to stay fit as a bargain. Check out this list to know more! • Take the stairs: This is an often-heard fact that many of us ignore. Take the stairs instead of the elevator and watch your stamina grow. Wear your Michael Jordan shoes and pack the work shoes to slip on later, before you enter the office so that you get some much-needed exercise right in the morning as you leave for work. • Walk to work: If your office is at a reasonable distance, you can actually take a walk to the workplace rather than getting a cab for those few blocks. So instead of the subway or a cab, take a walk. You can also walk in your workout clothes and change in the washroom at the office. For this, you may have to start early, which makes for a good start instead of rushing around. • Walk through meetings: Another great idea is to have walking meetings. If you are wondering what these are, then the answer is very simple. All you have to do is schedule a meeting in the park by the office or even in the corridor if you do not have any such space nearby. Walk and talk even as you take notes. This will prompt your co-workers to also join your fitness routine which will make for participative fitness. • Household chores: As per many studies and medical reports, we can burn a number of calories just by doing various chores around the house. Starting from chopping and stirring in the kitchen, to doing laundry and even changing bed sheets or cleaning the floors, there are a number of activities that can burn calories. For this, you can also wear your sports shoes like Michael Jordan shoes indoors for a more toned look by the end of it all!