Mobility scooters are gaining ground consistently. An increasing number of individuals with restricted mobility are breaking the myth and using electric scooters to move around conveniently. These individuals are also experiencing hassle-free riding experience, thanks to the modern versions of mobility scooters. Moreover, manufacturers are rolling out a vast variety to cater to the specific needs of users of all demographics, occupations, and mobility restrictions. Let us delve deep into few other prominent factors that make mobility scooters such a rage. A viable option for transportation Mobility scooters come across as a viable option for transportation for infirm, elderly or anyone experiencing temporary or permanent mobility restrictions. They are easy to drive and maintain and hence, do not require much technical knowledge on the part of the user. Additionally, the marketplace is replete with electric scooters for all demographics, including children and adults, thereby allowing buyers to make appropriate choices. Products for all surfaces are also readily available. No licensing requirements In terms of speed, electric scooters are no match to the conventional ones. However, the restricted speed serves as an advantage. With a mobility scooter, you are relieved from investing significant time, effort, and money on attaining licenses, as such requirements are minimal or do not exist at all. Cost-effective In a bid to stay competitive, manufacturers are striving to cut down overheads without compromising on quality. As such, you are in a position to access a decent product without going overboard with your expenses. The savings in the post-buying scenario comes in the form of minimal upkeep costs and zero fuel expenses, as mobility scooters run on rechargeable batteries. Essential safety features Modern day brands are incorporating features into their offerings that allow for safe rides, no matter what the driving or surface conditions are. Though the safety features vary from one brand to another, hand-operated acceleration control, rear brakes, and backlights are central elements across the board. Children's safety is also catered to by all brands. Portability Portability was not a feature of mobility scooters in the early days. However, things have changed of late. Now, there are scooters that one can dismantle, fold, roll into a closet, and transport around in a car. The feature comes in handy in events of mechanical breakdown of the mobility scooter or when moving to a new place. Comfort The present generation of electric scooters also delivers on comfort. You can easily find scooters with stable seats, adjustable backrest, and articulated front end. If your legs are severely impaired, the option of electric scooters with swiveling seats is also readily available. Sustainable While the conventional scooters consume fuel and generate poisonous gas, mobility scooters are an environment-friendly option. They run on electricity and hence, do not degrade the ecology with hazardous gas.