Most of the professionals into designing field that deliver innovative and all new designs of structures, machines, equipments, automotive, aerospace components and even fashion apparels and accessories and much more would be looking for the powerful laptops that would provide excellent graphics interface, faster processing speed and longer battery life. For such advanced applications Microsoft surface book series of latest laptops would be the best choice. The technical configuration and features provided in these laptops would be better than other ordinary versions of the competition. Among the series, surface book has terrific features such as Intel Core i7 processor that ensures high processing speed; larger RAM and 2 GB GPU that ensures better performance during multi-tasking; large display size that provides ease during making the engineering designs and viewing them; additional graphics card that enables excellent graphics; prolonged battery life of about 12 to 16 hours that offers uninterrupted working for long time. Thus this would be the best suited laptop for all designing needs such as 3D modeling and other applications. This laptop is also aimed at the student community that uses their laptops for learning new skills. This laptop can be called as the showcase device for the latest operating system Windows 10 S. This new version of the operating system is designed to derive higher performance through considerably lower-end hardware components. Surface book has the highlighted feature of completely detachable screen from the keyboard. Though it has some comparable qualities to Apple MacBook, the price range is higher than the competition. Another laptop launched by Microsoft is surface pro which is the upgrade of surface pro 4 launched during 2015. The company has promoted the version as "the tablet that has the capacity to replace the laptop". Eventually surface pro has been promoted as "the most versatile laptop in the world" due to the additional features provided. Surface pro by Microsoft is considered to be the arch rival of Apple MacBook as far as the features and looks are concerned. Surface pro is best known for its hybrid nature as it can be used as a laptop or a tablet as well. However the larger screen size and traditional laptop-like features of the surface laptop might seem more appealing for many people. Surface pro is quite comparable with the Apple iPad pro, that the company promotes as the tab that can replace laptop due to its features. The hardware components of Apple are better; while the Windows based operating system has some better features that that of Apple. Light weight and usability as a tablet of the surface pro would be good for frequent travelers and the professionals that are into 'creative' fields. Availability of surface pro in variety of colors is another advantage. So, the choice would depend more upon the personal appeal.