The Samsung Galaxy S8 is the stunning new product by Samsung that offers the user with an exceptional user experience. The large screen doesn't necessarily mean you have to shell out large amounts from your income to buy it. A number of buyers prefer to purchase it from the official website. The Samsung Galaxy S8 price is to the north of $740 when it is bought off the internet and most retail sites. Here's what you should do before swiping the card. Compare deals with different carriers Here are some of the most eye-catching deals you simply cannot look past. - Verizon offers the S8 for $720 or for $30 a month for 24 months with a Verizon Unlimited membership. This makes the deal all the more worth it. You can also get a better discount by returning your old handset. The options here are limitless. As long as it is a working handset in a semi-decent condition, you will get a decent deal out of it. - AT&T offers a similar deal but at a mildly higher rate of $750. However, they also provide a two-year service agreement. This deal is worth it if you don't plan on changing your carrier or phone for the next couple of years. - Sprint is charging $730 or $24.33 over 30 months which makes it one of the cheapest deals provided by a carrier. The carriers mentioned here are not the only one's out there. There are a number of smaller carriers that offer better deals that aren't publicized on the internet. Consider retail shops A number of retail shops like Best Buy and Walmart offer the Samsung Galaxy S8 at affordable rates. These are almost as good as the rates provided by popular carriers. The prices here are almost as much as $50 less than the deals offered by the carriers. While talking about retailers, we can't miss out on what Amazon offers. Prices are as steep as low as $600 if you combine a number of deals together. These phones are international unlocked models and at times are not US specific. Retailers such as B&H Photo also sell the Galaxy S8. The phones that are available, are unlocked, and most importantly, are available in a variety of colors. These aren't US-specific models. They're international models that have been imported, so the usual stipulation with support applies here. All possible options are mentioned above. After thoroughly going through them, you can easily find the most convenient and economical means to buy the Samsung Galaxy S8 at the best price.